Thursday, March 25, 2010

College Time

Even though I wanted out of Ohio, I decided to follow my high school sweetheart to Columbus, Ohio, to go to CCAD, which was just minutes away from Ohio State, where the boyfriend went to school. I really enjoyed the foundation year program at CCAD. It was grueling, but the traditional and somewhat conservative curriculum gave me the guidance and discipline I needed.

I spent two years in Columbus, where I majored in Fashion and minored in Painting. Surprisingly, the Fashion Department at CCAD was the only nontraditional program there. Of course, we learned the basics of sewing, fashion illustration, pattern drafting, and draping, but equal amounts of time were spent learning about fabric dyeing techniques, silk screening garments, tailoring and the properties of the textiles we were working with, (which was my favorite part of my time in the fashion department).

Here's this monkey I drew for an assignment during my foundation year.

Columbus is one of those secretly arty cities that extended off the CCAD campus and spread though out the city. While I was living there, I knew other artists in the community and posed for several local painters. Here's this one guy. I wish I remembered his name.

The summer before I left Columbus to move to Los Angeles and transfer colleges to attend a more rigorous Fashion program at Otis College of Art and Design, I posed for Terry Rogers.

About a year after the move I saw this painting of Terry's on the cover of Flaunt Magazine. (I'm in the middle wearing a white robe). Work it out Terry!

Here I am again.

Hello roots? You don't have to be that real, Terry!


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  2. Hi Joanna. My name's Neils, I was one who had painted you back in sophomore year at CCAD. At the time I never thought to ask your last name and afterward wondered if you ever got to see it. I'm glad I found this blog and see that you did.