Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Wonder Years

A few years ago I made some drawings of my gradeschool friends from the little pocket pictures from picture day. For some reason this is the only one I had scanned front and back. But most of them said things like: "you are a good basketball player" and "Sam + Joanna 4evur."

I can't remember this girl's name, but I do remember that her mom told me she stuffed her bra. MOOOOOM! That's so embarrassing!

Sam was my first boyfriend, an older man , and the president of the gradeschool. Oh Swoon! We met when I transfered to his middleschool after my Evengelical Christian school closed down. I was 12 and going into the 7th grade. Sam was in 8th and already a teen. He was my first kiss. Woah! hot hot hot hot!

This kid would threaten to kill himself if a girl he liked wouldn't go out with him. It usually worked for about a week, which is also the approximate length of most gradeschool relationships.

I went to prom with this guy. We are friends on Facebook.

Speaking of proms, below was my prom date.

We had a very passionate teen romance. He would compete in local hot body contests at the all ages dance clubs. One time he bought me a pair of diamond earings with his winnings. During highschool I was the president of the Art Club. While in office, I made this enormous painting of me and the boyfriend making out. It was exciting for me because it was my first attempt at painting, and at the time I thought it looked pretty sweet. The art teacher put it up in the cafeteria hallway of my all girls catholic highschool, where most people were grossed out by it.
Scuze me! Sooorrrry! So? I do what I want!


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